Japan Peace Study tour with school kids in Hiroshima. Left to Right: Liz, John, Anna, Duane, Rob, Lisa G., Kim, Lisa T.,  Ron, Jen, Jessica, Meg, Dana.

Hiroshima with School Kids


The Group in Hiroshima Peace Park:

Hiroshima Peace Park 2015


With Sasaki-san, Sadako’s brother in Hiroshima, holding up Sadako Legacy badges he gave each participant:image1

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The Japan Peace Study tour on the ferry to Miyajima, Left to Right: Lisa Gibson, Jessica Buchta, Meg Dillon, Dana Amani Patterson

Ferry to Miyajima 1


Left to Right: Ron Eisenman (background), Kim O’Neil, and Rob Hallock

Ferry to Miyajima 2


In Miyajima, Left to Right: Ron, John, Meg, Anna, Kim Duane, Meg, Jessica, Lisa G., Rob, Dana, Lisa T., Liz




Anne Sensei


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As Thyself Hermitage: Visit to Dr. Nagai’s Home, Library, and Museum

Blog Post and Photos by Anna Zay
Dr. Nagai's HermitageToday we had the remarkable opportunity to visit Dr. Nagai’s home, library and museum. As a young man, he became a doctor and during the war (after serving in Manchuria and treating wounded Chinese as well as Japanese soldiers) he contracted leukemia as a result of overexposure to X-rays. He was trying to eradicate leukemia from Japan and they ran out of supplies so he had to look at 100 X-ray plates directly every day, which exposed him to excessive radiation. He was given three years to live. Shortly after his diagnosis, the atomic bomb was dropped on Nagasaki. His wife was killed, though his children survived.



Nagai MuseumDr. Nagai worked to save victims until he collapsed. He continued to work for them and to rebuild Urakami cathedral and found a library for children until he became bedridden. Worried about leaving two small children orphaned, he worked to write a powerful message of peace for them and for all children.





Dr. Nagai's WordsNagai Visit Calligraphy

Nagai Takahashi's Grandson

At the end of our visit, we were honored to meet Dr. Nagai’s grandson, now the director of the library and museum. Left to Right: Liz Spiro-Carman; Duane Johansen; Anna Zay; Lisa Tilley; Ron Eisenman; Dr. Nagai’s grandson; and Anne Prescott


















Guide speaks at Dr. Nagai's

This guide spoke so gently to the children about Dr. Nagai.



Guide at Dr. Nagai's 2



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Nagasaki Peace Park

Ron Eisenman of Manchester Center, VT (Rutland High School) being interviewed in Nagasaki Peace Park during the Peace Study Tour 2015.


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Nagasaki Peace Park

The 2015 Peace study tour group in Nagasaki Peace Park with their two wonderful guides. DSCN0276

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Peace Study Tour 2013 meet Peace Study Tour 2015

Maggie Quam in Nagasaki 15Maggie Quam (2nd from left) of FCCEAS Peace Study tour 2013 meets up with co-leaders John Frank (far left) and Anne Prescott (far right) in Nagasaki at the start of the 2015 Peace study tour.

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Preparing for the study tour

On June 27, 12 educators and 2 leaders will arrive in Japan to begin a two-week learning experience. All of the selected participants completed a 30-hour National Consortium for Teaching about Asia (NCTA) seminar prior to applying. The participants are:

  • Jessica Buchta, MN
  • Megan Dillon, RI
  • Ron Eisenman, VT
  • Lisa Gibson, VA
  • Rob Hallock, WA
  • Kim O’Neil, NY
  • Dana Patterson, KS
  • Liz Spiro-Carman, NY
  • Lisa Tilley, NY
  • Jen Wagner, NY
  • Anna Zay, PA
  • John Frank, Curriculum Coordinator and Co-Leader
  • Anne Prescott, Leader

In preparation for the study tour, the participants have completed a lengthy reading list, participated in online discussions, gotten acquainted through two synchronous webinars, and viewed several archived webinars. The reading list included:

  • Battle for Ground Zero (Elizabeth Greenspan)
  • Being Peace (Thich Nhat Hanh)
  • Between Vengeance and Forgiveness (Martha Minow)
  • Beyond the Mushroom Cloud (Yuki Miyamoto)
  • History Wars (Edward Linenthal and Tom Engelhardt)
  • Japan at War: An Oral History (Haruko Book and Theodore Cook)
  • The Japanese Mind (Roger Davies and Osamu Ikeno)
  • Ways of Forgetting, Ways of Remembering (John Dower)
  • other selected chapters and articles

We’ll try to post updates and photos of our journey as we travel together to learn about teaching peace.

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FCCEAS Japan Study Tour 2015

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Nara Shinto Shrine visit

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Shuri Castle Gate

In the mad scramble of the last few days in Japan, this great group photo never made it to the blog. We’re at the gate to Shuri Castle, the palace for the Ryuku Kingdom. Destroyed during WWII, it has now been restored. I think everyone looks pretty good considering that it was really hot and humid (and we had walked 20 minutes from the monorail station).


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